In Conversation With | Cecile J Pierron

photography by JJ Jimenez / @jjphotonyc


What’s your background
Half French half Chinese born in New York

What do you do
I’m a model and student at NYU

Best thing about living in NY
it stresses me into trying harder if you stand still you’re getting plowed over

Greatest achievement
graduating NYU in sort of one piece and making mom and dad proud

Worst fears
failure (mine and others’) and frogs

Best living artist
that’s so hard I love Koons/Hirst but we have lots of Rothko at home

Favorite song
the pina colada song

Would you rather have the ability to fly or be invisible- why?
be invisible so I could get into concerts for free and scare my cat



If you could be anywhere right now where would you be
Australia with a massive avocado in my lap

Define happiness
mood happy is being content in the moment but state happy like being comfortable and glad to be alive

                     is all I need

Biggest hero or role model
my parents and joy from inside out

Something you would change about yourself
stop being insecure and caring what anyone thinks!

photography by JJ Jimenez / @jjphotonyc

Best physical feature
starting to like my freckles but I go back and forth

What are your pet peeves
being underestimated or condescended and colorful knickers under white pants

If you had a pet pig what would you name it

If you could change 1 daily habit to save our planet what would it be
take the subway uber everywheres cool but I quite enjoy my subway rides

Where are you right now
copake lake it’s very pretty 🙂

photography by JJ Jimenez / @jjphotonyc

photography by JJ JIMENEZ
make up  by ROY LIU