In Conversation With | Satoshi Kawamoto

Satoshi Kawamoto

What do you do
Im a Creative Director  and plant artist at Green Fingers

Where do you live
I split my time between NYC and Tokyo

What’s the biggest difference between NYC and Tokyo
The people, the food, the culture,.
New Yorker’s are more a little more relaxed.
Japan is  a little more conservative, but this is changing.

Greatest accomplishment
Being able to build my career in both Japan and NYC

What are you afraid of
Nothing . I definitely can do what I want. I don’t believe in being afraid.

Favorite song to dance to
I like to dance to all types of music, but right now, anything by Beyonce is ok.

Would you rather have the ability to fly or be invisible- why?
To fly, because that way I could fly easier commute from Tokyo to NYC

If you could be anywhere right now where would you be
Greece . Because I’ve never been there.

photography by jj jimenez

Describe the perfect day
Sunny day brunch with Bloody Mary

_____ is all i need

Biggest hero or role model
I don’t really have one. I look at myself to be my own hero.

Describe your favorite outfit
a mixed vintage outfit. Old and new

Something you would change about yourself
I would like to change my outlook as I keep  learning and growing.

Best physical feature

If you had a pet pig what would you name it

If you could change 1 daily habit to save our planet what would it be
to grow more plants for everyone