Buttoned Up

The white shirt will forever be a staple, for those mornings when decision fatigue is at its height or the occasion where you’re not quite sure of the dress code this versatile piece has your back. On our recent trip to Prague we decided to pay homage to this timeless classic in all its modern forms.


Sleeveless Allowing for ultimate comfort on those warm summer days or as a perfect layering piece in fall, the sleeveless shirt should be a mainstay in all wardrobes. Long The versatility of the white ‘boyfriend oxford’ is taken to extreme here with a high split in the back and a 90s inspired boxiness.


Collarless Everlane not only helps us feel like we’re doing the right thing by factory workers but also adds just a little flair to the conventional collarless shirt with a black-tie inspired bib.


Classic Linen For those summer days when wearing as little as possible is the preference a linen shirt can do wonders to keep you looking stylish without overheating. Classic Cotton Nicholson and Nicholson provides us with what might look like the most basic of the bunch, but on closer inspection one notices the amazing asymmetrical cut, slightly cropped and loose in the back – the piece can elevate any look.


Unconventional The masculine roots of this classic can sometimes overshadow the simplistic femininity it can exude, here Sandy Liang designs an elegant but playful shirt with a ‘divided’ back panel. Men’s Over Size For the tomboy in every girl there’s the oversized oxford – at least you don’t have to steal your ex-boyfriend’s anymore.(Maybe you should anyway)

Photography and Styling by JJ JIMENEZ
Text by OCD
Model ADRIENA K @ 2W scout Prague