Postcards from Sardinia

sardinia 1 layoutThe grounds at hotel Cala di Volpe

sardinia 7 layoutOne of many private beaches at Cala di Volpe

sardinia 2 layoutWherever you go you will always be surrounded by water and beautiful landscapes

sardinia 3 layoutSurrau vineyards

sardinia 4 layoutLEFT : Young Sardinian boy at Spiaggia Della Vacche  RIGHT:  Maddalena Island

sardinia 5 layoutMaddalena Island

sardinia 9 layoutApproaching Castelsardo, located in the northwest of the island.

sardinia 6 layoutCastelsardo

sardinia 15 layoutMake sure to stop and smell the wild rosemary and juniper.

sardinia 10 layoutLEFT: The cobble stone streets in Castelsardo RIGHT: Vermentino, Sardinian local wine

sardinia 11 layoutLEFT TOP: A bird’s eye view from Castelgenovese in Castelsardo LEFT BOTTOM: Federico our local guide.  RIGHT: Caprera

sardinia 12 layoutCastelsardo

sardinia 13 layoutEnchanted with Sardinia’s beauty

sardinia 8 layout
Hivaoa Pizzeria  great lunch spot

sardinia 14 layoutIsola di Caprera is one of the many islands that are part of the  Maddalena archipelago off the coast of Sardinia – The beach fits about 10 people and you can only get there by boat.

sardinia 17 layout